Once in a blue moon…….

…..I felt like a goddess.  Most of the time I was this person cruising through life on the crazy train, with my laptop and work shoes on the passenger seat, oatmeal in my hair, and kids in tow.  Some days I am still very much that person, but the goddess shines through a little more often these days.

“Somewhere between the shit hitting the fan and OMFG, I found a different path.”

It’s a path that has helped to bring the sacred back into my everyday life.  It’s a celebration of  each day and each season, even if those celebratory moments are only a few focused breaths.  It’s getting back to nature and recognizing a little bit of the divine in all beings.  It’s calling in the power of both the feminine and masculine spirits, always balancing, not competing.  It’s taking control of my physical, mental and spiritual health each day.  It’s knowing that I know me best.

Each of our paths is uniquely our own, our own choosing, our own living, our own being but we can walk those paths together.

“Remember it’s the journey that counts, won’t you join me?”


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3 Responses to Once in a blue moon…….

  1. Kathleen says:

    I wld like to receive posts from you all.


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